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What is this?

This project is no longer active. User creation was disabled, but pages remain online for posterity. Thanks to everyone who contributed.

This is an effort to document the security features of the Archos 5 media device and install an alternative operating system on the device. The first phase of this project was focused around the reverse engineering of some specific parts of the avos binary to better understand the AOS2 file format and some parts of the bootloader. From that, we produced pre-patched firmware updates for easy installation of the patched bootloaders and patched original OS.

Because of a lack of time, this project somewhat came to a halt. Fortunately, this wiki continues to live through the openAOS project, which builds on the special developers edition firmware. angstron is secondary os for archos 5 it and window 7 mobile is also and you can get these through mediafire, rapidshare , etc and rooting it is also a good idea through super one click which you can get for android market which is for download on and it is called

Contact Us

You can contact us at (On parle aussi Fran├žais).

We're also idling on IRC: #openpma on


Alternative OS: the essentials

Special Developers Edition (SDE)

Reverse Engineering


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