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The aos-tools toolchain is a suite of tools that deal with .aos containers, and various files often found inside them.

Description of all the parts:

  • libaos: a library that contains the structure definitions, validation logic, and other abstract stuff.
  • tools: host-side tools to deal with aos, cpio, cramfs, and other files.
  • target-tools: device-side tools.

The bulk of this code was written based on informations gathered from reverse engineering various parts of the Archos 5 firmware (namely avos, cramfschecker, etc).

Related How-To

Checking out the trunk

Type the following command in a shell:

svn checkout aos-tools

Compiling the Toolchain

To compile libaos and tools, simply type make in their respective folders (libaos first): (On ubuntu (karmic) you will have to first install the openssl-dev package via synaptic package manager)

cd aos-tools
(cd libaos && make)
(cd tools && make && make install)

This step is optional. To compile the target-tools, you will first need to compile an ARM cross-compiler. Luckily there is one included and properly configured in the AX06_GPL sources. Follow this tutorial to compile the sources, and then type make install in the following folders in order to install the cross-compiler on your host:

  • buildroot/toolchain_build_arm/binutils-2.18_cortex-build
  • buildroot/toolchain_build_arm/gcc-4.2.1_cortex-final

Now type make in the target-tools folder.

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