List of chips on an Archos 7

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Here's a list of chips that I have found on the A7 and docs for them. Feel free to correct any thing if needed.

  • Altera EPM240G - MAX II EPM (Power Managment)

  • JM20339 - USB2/SATAII bridge chip

  • Micron MT46H32M32LFCM-6 (D9HSG) 32Mb SDRAM

  • TI TPS65023 - 6-channel Power Mgmt IC with 3DC/DCs, 3 LDOs, I2C Interface and DVS, OPtimized for DaVinci DSPs

  • TI TSC2046 - 4-Wire Touch Screen Controller with low voltage digital I/O

  • TI TPS61032 - 5-V Output, 1-A, 96% Efficient Boost Converter w/20uA Iq

  • TI 78A24L WF245 - SN74AVC16245 16-Bit Dual-Supply Bus Transceiver with Configurable Voltage And 3-State Outputs

  • TI MSP430

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