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This page will walk you through installing a patched firmware for the first time using the DTI application.

Before you start, you should have:

The DTI application that ships with Archos firmware <=1.6.54 does not perform any kind of validation on what it considers a valid game, so you can replace the game executable with anything and run it.

To exploit this behavior and install a patched bootloader, some commands need to be executed as user root, but the DTI application runs by default as user nobody. We will use a feature of the linux kernel to make sure our commands are executed as root.

Step 1

Read the downgrade page and follow Step 1 and Step 2, you should have the system partition (where your device's operating system is stored) mounted as /media/disk.

On many linux distros your data partition (where your music, videos, and other files are stored) should also have been mounted automagically and an icon for it should be on the desktop. We will assume that it is mounted at /media/ARCHOS5/

Step 2

To prepare the exploit, you need to copy several files to the system and data partitions. Download the firmware patcher kit and extract its contents somewhere on your computer. You should see two folders, patch-1.6.54 and DTi.

Copy the DTi folder in /media/ARCHOS5/Games/ on your data partition.

Open a console and type

sudo nautilus /media/disk

you should see a file browser (with root privileges) appear, now copy all files from patch-1.6.54 to /media/disk. Close nautilus and type these commands in your console: cd /media/disk

sudo chown 0:0 flash mv rm
sudo chmod a+rx,ug+s flash mv rm

The chown command changes the owner of the flash, mv and rm files to root. The chmod command will set some flags on the files so that they will be executed on your device with the privileges of the file's owner (which is now root).

That's it, unmount all the partitions:

sudo sync
sudo umount /media/ARCHOS5
sudo umount /media/disk

Disconnect your device from USB and press the Power button.

Step 3

Go in Play > Games > DTI and create a profile if it's not already done. You should see a game named Install patched firmware with a penguin as the logo. Click Play, then Play again on the next screen. At this point the screen will be unresponsive for some time, this is perfectly normal. The loading screen will appear and return to the penguin logo, at this point the patched firmware should be successfully installed!

Reboot your device: hold the Power button for about 6 seconds until you see the Shutting Down... screen and then power on again.

What can you do now?

You can install _any_ firmware, whether they are validly signed or not. Have a look at our pre-patched firmwares page. They can be installed both from avos and from recovery mode.

You can also cook your own firmware and install it on your device, thus allowing you to run your own applications. If you stick with pre-patched firmwares, the process described on this page need only be done once. Obviously, if you install an original Archos firmware (unpatched), you will loose the ability to run your own applications.

Finally, you can upgrade your firmware to the latest version directly from avos if you want to. Click Tools > Settings > Firmware and Plug-ins and then Online Firmware Update. It will update to the latest pre-patched firmware straight from!

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