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The pictures below are from an Archos 5 device. Please note that this procedure requires you to be very careful and that it will void your warranty. Also, this document may not apply to your specific device model, so try it at your own risk.

The Front:


The Back: You can see three rubber pads under which you will find screws. The fourth screw is under the plastic arm. After you removed these four screws, you can easily pop the two plastic pieces on each side of the device.


The sides: There are two screws on each corner (so eight screws in total), indicated by the red arrows on the picture below. The metal contraption on the first picture is the wifi antenna.

File:Teardown_3_Side1.jpg File:Teardown_4_Side2.jpg

After you remove these eight screws, you will be able to pull the screen away from the rest of the device. Tilt the small plastic strip on the connector to release the wire separate the screen.


Under the screen you will find the top of the motherboard. There are four screws holding the motherboard and the hard drive together. After you remove those, the back of the device will come off.


You now have access to the hard drive. Read the page on how to access the hidden partition.

File:Teardown_7_Hard_Drive_Bottom.jpg File:Teardown_8_Hard_Drive_Top.jpg

This is the bottom of the motherboard, when the hard drive is disconnected.


Another picture of the motherboard, it's actually thinner than the hard drive.


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