Archos 5 Pre-Patched Firmware Updates

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This page contains firmware updates in the .aos format. You can install them if you are upgrading from an already patched firmware.

We propose these updates in many flavors for each firmware versions:

Color Description
Full Firmware Install the full firmware, with a patched avos and patched bootloader.
Bootloader Only Only installs the patched bootloader, see the patched bootloader page for all the details. You probably don't need this except if you know exactly what you are doing.
SDE Firmware This is a special version of the SDE firmware, with a patched bootloader. Details on the patched SDE firmware page.


Note: To install any .aos file, rename it to firmware_archos5-7.aos and copy to the device via USB.

Version Full Firmware Bootloader Only
1.7.11 firmware-a57-1.7.11-patched.aos bootloader-a57-1.7.11-patched.aos
1.7.02 firmware-a57-1.7.02-patched.aos bootloader-a57-1.7.02-patched.aos
1.6.54 firmware-a57-1.6.54-patched.aos bootloader-a57-1.6.54-patched.aos
1.6.53 firmware-a57-1.6.53-patched.aos bootloader-a57-1.6.53-patched.aos
Version SDE Firmware
1.9.00 firmware-a57-1.9.00-sde-patched.aos
Version Guy Fawkes
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