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First, sorry for mistakes I could have done in this "How To", it's not very easy to write a complete tutorial in English when we 're french! :)

So my Archos 5's (Gen. 6) warranty is over for 2 months, and unfortunately my earphone connector started to not work properly. My issue was that I had not sound from my right headphone. So I guessed that it could be a solder that was broken.

Ok guys, first, I will explain you how to open up your device, and then how to fix the headphone connector.

For this work, here it is a list of useful stuff you'll need during the repair process:

  • Pliers
  • A cruciform screwdriver
  • A classical screwdriver
  • A needle
  • A very thin wire (for example, the wire of a little computer-fan)
  • Diagonal pliers
  • Papers Clips
  • I don't know the english for the other tool :)
  • And your Archos 5 of course! (mine is a 60Gb)

Maybe you may not use all these tools.

For fixing our connector, I'd made a route between two point on the board. The idea comes from ECSW form Archos fan forum!

Open the Archos

1.Remove the 3 pieces of rubber on the back of the device.
2.With the little cruciform screwdriver, take off the 4 screws.

3. Remove the plastic piece on the right. /!\ Don't try to do the same thing with the left plastic-piece, because, it is blocked by the HDD. If you force it, you could broke the Archos's hull.
4. On this picture, you can see the wifi antenna (the metallic piece) and the headphone's connector. But unfortunately, we can't fix it now, we've to disassemble our device a bit more.
5. Now, look all around tour Archos: you can see 3 littles holes on the top, and 4 holes on the bottom.
/!\ Don't forget that there is the Reset hole on the bottom! You mustn't force it, otherwise you could broke your device!
6. Now, the goal of the manipulation is to open completely the Archos. To do that, you have to introduce a thin needle or a paper clip (but I council you to use the needle) in each hole. In fact, under each hole, there is a little clip that blocks the 2 parts of the hull. Now, I'll give you my tip to open it easily: look at the photo bellow.
7. Introduce the needle in holes. Personally, I had to force a bit, and the screwdriver helped me to separate the 2 parts. Be very patient, and first, try to do that one time in each hole. I noticed that the hole localized on the right-bottom is very easy to unblock.
This is the easy hole :)

You can use the screwdriver:

8. Now, open very slowly the Archos. There is a large wire that connects the board with the touchscreen. Open like the pictures bellow.
Normally, there is metallic and classic tapes on the large wire. You can see the bridge that I've already done, but I will explain how after!
9. Then unplug the touchscreen from the board. You have to push back the thin black piece, and it will release the large wire.
Now, we'll fix the Headphone's issues

Fixing the ear phone connector

1. This is a detailed view from the headphone's connector. thank you very much to ECSW from the Archos fan forum for providing this very explicit picture!


  • I suceed to fix my problem with making a bridge with a wire between the 2 right ground connectors. But maybe it could not work. So I will explain how to do this bridge.
  • First, cut a little piece of wire, like the picture. For next steps, I advise to use tweezers.

  • Take the bridge with tweezers, and stick it to the point, and solder it with the soldering iron. Don't wait to much, you can burn the board and/or damage the point.

Another thing: the wire must be AROUND the connector, and not ON the connector, because that could prevent closing the hull.

  • Ok, Done! Now, you have just to close your Archos 5 and test with your earphone!

/!\ If you Archos has been warm sometimes, the glue on the internal speaker couldn't stick properly. So you have to push it on the structure before closing the A5, like the picture below:

--Manzhack 21:22, 1 July 2010 (UTC)

Ressources and thanks

Thanks to:

  • ECSW for his great idea of making a bridge:

  • gamtab for providing pictures of Archo's inside:

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